Thailand tourism revival post-pandemic


Dec 13, 2022

Thailand has the second-largest economy among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with a heavy dependency on tourism. Pre-covid, Thailand attracted almost 40 million international tourists contributing approximately 20 percent to Thailand’s GDP, with many of them investing in private pool villas in Thailand. Although, Thailand could manage to contain Covid-19 with significant success during the first year of the pandemic, the lockdown and curtailing in international travel badly hit Thailand’s tourism industry.

However, since July 1, when Thailand fully reopened to foreign travelers dropping the requirement of presenting a negative PCR test before departure, travelers have started flocking again to the country’s beautiful beaches, temples, and incredible markets in encouraging numbers. Thailand pool villa property for sale have also become extremely competitive ever since tourists have returned to the country.

The entry requirements for international travelers were fully lifted from October 1st after Thailand formally recognized Covid‑19 as an endemic virus. The reopening that followed led to a revival in international arrivals in 2022, touching 4.4m by the end of August which is a significant rebound as compared to the annual arrivals of just over 380,000 people in 2021.  

Let’s have a look at how Thailand started recovering its tourism figures month after month all through this year.

February 2022

The Test & Go - Quarantine-Free Entry resumed on 1st February 2022 which provided a quarantine waiver for vaccinated arrivals. Visitors were required to test on arrival, after which they are to spend seven nights in designated locations as per the ‘Sandbox’ program, before being allowed to travel to other destinations in Thailand.

May-June 2022

Thailand started seeing a remarkable surge in tourist arrivals during these months. May and June 2022 saw over 1.3 million visitors, representing more tourists than in the previous 24 months! 

July 2022

More than 1.1 million tourists visited Thailand in July 2022 which is higher than the expected 930,000!

August-September 2022

August 2022 saw 1174743 international visitors in Thailand which further escalated to 1309115 in September marking a magnificent 11.4% increase in the tourism figures from August! Keeping over the 1 million mark per month the visitation numbers have been increasing every month.

October 2022

From October 1st, visitors do not need to show their Covid-19 vaccination or test certificates to enter Thailand. With the easing of travel restrictions, tourist numbers have gone up significantly in the country reaching a whopping 3.1 million in October 2022!

November 2022

Approaching the high season that occurs from November to March, arrival numbers are sure to increase further still. 

The return of tourists is fantastic news for the country and it is expected that going forward these numbers will only continue to rise. 

In Conclusion

Thailand has always been one of the top travel destinations in the world. With the revival of these promising tourism numbers of the past few months tourist arrivals in Thailand in the long-term, the Thailand tourist arrivals is predicted to trend around 3000000.00 in 2023.

With the escalating numbers of international tourist arrivals in Thailand, the occupancy rates in the country are bound to rise indicating a promising sign for real estate investment. If you want to invest in exclusive pool villas in Thailand, contact our team at SKHAI to learn about great deals on spectacular properties at exotic beach locations across Thailand.