Phuket Tourism at a Glance


Jun 9, 2021

To the south of Thailand lies the province of Phuket, the largest island of the country that sits majestically on the glorious Andaman Sea. Predominantly known for its spectacular seascapes, it has much more to offer than just the beaches. Phuket tourism is popular because it covers a vast series of activities such as shopping, sightseeing, water sports, nightlife, cultural exhibits, and the unmissable scrumptiously fresh cuisine. And most importantly the presence of affordable pool villas in Phuket attracts many holidaymakers and property investors to this island.

The island has a large Chinese influence with many Chinese shrines and restaurants sprinkled around Phuket and also many other ethnicities from all over the world that bring their traditions and festivals to Phuket.

Geography of Phuket 

Located in the Andaman sea, to the north of Thailand, Phuket is a mountainous area. It is approximately 844 km away from Bangkok and is reachable in about 12 hours by road. However, most people prefer to fly to Phuket as it is well-connected to most places with many domestic and international flights. Bestowed with lush rainforests and crystal-clear waters, Phuket is surrounded by 32 glorious islands.

Phuket Climate

Phuket enjoys a tropical climate all through the year, however, the hottest months are from April to May. The southwest monsoon brings rains from September to October, making them the wettest months on the island. The months from December to March are ideal for Phuket tourism. At a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius and barely any rains, this is the best time for tourists to visit Phuket.

Phuket Tours 

A trip to Phuket can be a well-rounded experience. Whether you put your feet up and enjoy the pristine beaches or simply stroll through the historic old town, it becomes evident that there is so much to explore in Phuket tourism. Some of the must-visit places nearby while in Phuket are Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi Island, and the Similan Islands.

Phuket has close to 30 mesmerizing beaches, each with its characteristic beauty and allure with pristine sands, clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking sunsets. Some are known for their tranquility and laidback vibe, such as Freedom beach while some beaches are bustling with water activities such as parasailing and jet skiing. And some are wildly popular for their high-energy parties such as the Patong beach. Karon beach is considered a good spot for a family vacation while Mai Khao beach has a waterpark that makes it an important feature of Phuket tourism.

The island also features fantastic classical architecture that can be explored in the Phuket Old Town. Phuket is particularly famous for its vibrant nightlife making it a hotspot for tourists in Thailand.

Tourism Statistics

Phuket is known to have the highest number of visitors per square mile per day as compared to any other tourist destination in the world. An average of 25,452 visitors visits Phuket per day with almost 9.29 million visitors per year normally, with a population of 380000 people living there.

In Conclusion

The panoramic beaches, swaying palm trees, and lively ambiance of Phuket something to offer to all kinds of budgets. No wonder it is one of the most desired places to visit for holidaymakers and has many luxury pool villas in Phuket attracting property investors from across the world.

Year after year many tourists visit this spectacular island and decide to make it their home. If you are interested in Phuket pool villa investment opportunities connect with our team at SKHAI. All our properties are at stunning locations with attractive deals on them to offer you the best of Phuket.