Phuket’s Unstoppably Growing Infrastructure


Jun 9, 2021

The government of Thailand invests millions each year in updating the infrastructure of its tourism hotspots. From a virgin underdeveloped island to an economic potential hub, Phuket has gone through a major transformation in the past three decades. New infrastructure projects are being planned and executed which are predicted to have a huge impact on Phuket’s future growth. Real estate on the island has also seen a sea of change with development of many luxury pool villas in Phuket what offer world-class living.


The island’s transportation system is rapidly improving and what is being planned for the next few years is incredible. The Light Railway Transit (LRT) system will make traveling from the airport to tourist spots much easier, at the same time will also lighten the traffic overcrowding. A fast train connection to Bangkok is being worked upon.

Another project under discussion is about building a shipping canal across the country from the Gulf of Siam to Phang Nga bay.

A second International Airport in Phuket has already been approved. Referred to as the Phang Nga—Andaman International Airport and the Queen Jammathewi New International Airport, it is planned to be developed in Phang Nga Ban Khok Kruad district approximately 25 km from the existing Phuket International Airport.

Chalong Circle Underpass Road

A modern underpass road or tunnel about 500 meters long at the 5-road Chalong circle now connects Rawai with ChaoFah West Road leading up to Phuket International Airport and Central Department Store. It is the main traffic artery that connects the Rawai and Nai Harn area with the rest of the island and is important for the movement of traffic to and from this part of Phuket.

This development comes as a huge relief for the local businesses, hotels, and local residents of Phuket.

Central Festival

Central Festival Phuket is one of the major destinations among the shopping malls on the island. The names ‘Festival and Floresta’ are actually 2 main wings of the same Central mall. The Central Festival is the original wing constructed on the outskirts of the town and Central Floresta, is a gigantic new wing built later across the street.

Central Floresta is inspired by the geometries found in nature and Central Phuket’s design has been inspired by the island’s Sino Portuguese heritage and its rich maritime lifestyle, and its natural landscape.

The vision for this project was to bring a distinct world-class landmark destination to Phuket focusing on the ideals of sustainability. Along with the introduction of the best luxury brands to the island, it also is designed to immerse and transport the customer into a low-energy, botanical, educational experience through advanced technology.

In Conclusion

Blending the rich culture with modern advancement seamlessly these developments aim to create a new dynamic district that caters brilliantly to locals as well as international tourists as a truly world-class destination.

Phuket is constantly upgrading itself with hi-tech services and outstanding amenities. With such rapid development in the island’s infrastructure, the tourism sector in Phuket is bound to soar. As a result, the real estate industry on the island is always going to be reaping rich dividends despite the availability of affordable pool villas in Phuket. If you are interested in Phuket pool villa investment opportunities, connect with our team at SKHAI to find the best deals and some of the most spectacular locations in Phuket.