The Best Time to Visit Phuket

Phuket Lifestyle

May 12, 2021

Phuket enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. Sun-drenched beaches, breath-taking sunsets, a plethora of entertainment and shopping options, with a rich dose of culture is what make Phuket a popular holiday destination year-round. Besides you also find some of the most affordable pool villas in Phuket in comparison to similar popular destinations elsewhere in the world.

The temperature never really falls below 30°C, so no matter which month you plan to travel to Phuket, it will always be warm.

The island’s tropical monsoon climate fluctuates between warm, rainy, and pleasantly cool. It never gets really cold except for the refreshing chill after a downpour.


Ideally, November is a great time to visit with the temperature just right and the island being quieter around this time of the year. With the rains almost gone and the sea assuming a calmer nature, this time of the year is great for enjoying the abundant sunshine at the beach even between the random spells of showers.

Loy Krathong, a vibrant festival of lights of great importance in Thai culture is celebrated during this month. On a full moon night, small vessels adorned with colorful flowers and lit candles are set afloat on the water and hot air lanterns are released into the skies.


Holiday-makers throng the island come December. The warm winters with clear skies are a big attraction making Phuket highly popular during the festive season. It’s also a great time to explore the turquoise Andaman sea by swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and thrilling boat tours around this time.

By mid-December, Phuket starts getting busier, with an infectious excitement at beaches, restaurants, bars, and clubs, all prepping up for the coming days of dazzling revelry with live music, and great entertainment by well-known DJs. You will never be short of choices on things to do.


The peak of the high season in Phuket is in January. The popular beaches can get quite crowded but there are some beautiful untouched beaches that one can explore. Although, the busier the island gets the more fun it is. If you want to escape the crowds you could take a private boat to spend a laidback day on an isolated beach, soaking in the sun or exploring the colorful underwater marine life.

If you’re a nature lover, take a hike through a rainforest or head for one of the many breathtaking island viewpoints enjoying the glorious sunsets over the orange-hued Andaman sea.


It starts getting hot from February onwards. Chinese New Year is celebrated on the island with great gusto. Red lanterns adorn the streets and gorgeous street processions with loud firecrackers light up the entire island. The festivities are majorly celebrated in Chinese Taoist shrines in Phuket Old Town as colorful street markets buzz with festive cheer.


After a quiet March, April, the hottest month of the year arrives with scorching heat. April features the Songkran water festival, the Thai New Year when everyone stops what they’re doing and joins in the craziness of the water festival by splashing water at each other. Water gun sprays, loud music, and dancing make it a drenching yet fun experience.


The monsoon season starts in May stretching until October. The island returns to its slow pace as most tourists head back home.

Despite the monsoon, there are a lot of sunny days during these months when you can indulge in plenty of outdoor activities. Try out the many water sports, enjoy a game of golf or simply head on a tour to Phang Nga Bay on a luxury yacht.

It never pours throughout the day every day. It can be raining cats and dogs in the morning while it gets sunny by noon. The sea is quite warm with a temperature of about 27 °C, so it is great for water sports, although not the best time for swimming.

September and October

Both these months are the wettest in Phuket. The sea with its high waves can be rough. Scuba diving and boat trips might get canceled. With the strong undercurrents in the sea, this is not the best time to swim at the beaches. Though it is ideal for surfing! 

There are a vast number of options for shopping on the island. Jung Ceylon and Central Floresta are great places to chill if it is raining outside. The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is a great place to visit during the rains to watch the elephants enjoy splashing around in their mud baths. Head for Phuket Old Town if you wish to color your gloomy day with a burst of rich heritage and culture.

In Conclusion

No matter which month you decide to land up in Phuket, be prepared to be enamored by the abundance of beauty and endless fun that make this spectacular island so popular!

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