Dispelling 6 Concerns of Expats Relocating to Phuket

Phuket Lifestyle

Dec 27, 2021

Besides its glorious beaches and bright sunshine year-round, Phuket has numerous world-class facilities, rapidly growing infrastructure, myriad recreational activities, and affordable cost of living with pool villas in Phuket. What attracts the expats from across the world to Phuket is its superior living standards, cost of living expenses, and modern amenities, which are much more affordable than places such as Singapore and Hong Kong, which are much more expensive both in terms of real estate and living expenses.

However, it is natural for certain concerns that most expats who consider moving to Phuket or any new country would usually have such as language barriers, currency rates, healthcare, education, and transport. Let’s look at the dynamics of these essential factors in Phuket to give you a better picture.

1. Language Barrier

Although Thai is the dominant language on the island, due to the predominantly tourist-oriented economy, a vast majority of people in Phuket can speak very good English, especially if they work in hotels, restaurants, shops, markets, and major attractions that require them to interact with international travelers. And if you do come across someone who is not too great with their English language skills, they usually find someone who can translate what they wish to convey to you. Overall, there are not many language issues you will face if you are English speaking.

2. Currency Exchange

Many people query about the local currency exchange rates, and if they should exchange their money in Phuket or in their home country. Fortunately, the tax rate is low in Thailand, and exchanges are usually much better here. So, it is easy to withdraw lump sum amounts from an ATM and get them exchanged from a local money changer, both of which are easily available across the island. Avoid the money changers close to the airport who usually do not give good rates, but elsewhere on the island you surely will find lower and competitive exchange rates.

3. Weather Forecasts

One of the major reasons why expats love Phuket is for its warm and inviting climate year-round, especially for those who come from cold countries with harsh weather conditions. Phuket enjoys a uniform and good weather year-round, more so between November and April. Even during the monsoons, the rain generally falls in during the evenings for short spells. Overall, the tropical climate of Phuket is excellent.

4. Healthcare

Over years now, Phuket has gained the reputation of a health and wellness destination due to its world-class medical services which are much more affordable than many other countries in the west. There are two hospitals of international standards, namely, Phuket International Hospital and Bangkok Phuket Hospital, both of which offer inexpensive private treatment and procedures both to international and local patients. Several private clinics offering good quality affordable treatment are sprinkled across the island. A majority of the healthcare professionals and staff are English speaking. 

5. Education

A lot of families are comfortably relocating to Phuket due to the growing number of high-quality international schools on the island offering a wide range of academic, artistic, and sporting opportunities. In the past decade, almost 10 international schools have been established adding up to the total of about 13 international schools in Phuket. The number of these schools is rapidly expanding due to the demand generated by a growing number of expat communities as well as Thai families. 

Some of the top schools in Phuket are Headstart International School, British International School Phuket (BISP), UWC Thailand, Kajonkiet International School (KIS), and Quality International School of Phuket (QSI), among many others.

6. Transportation

Not only is Phuket well connected with the rest of the world with several direct flights to major international locations, but it is also easy to find your way around Phuket with a number of public transportation options available across the island. You can choose from taking tuk-tuks, songthaews, and taxis, as well as vehicle rentals that are easily found on the island. If you are not comfortable navigating the streets of Phuket on your own, you can conveniently hire a SHA+ certified car with a local experienced driver.

In Conclusion

Phuket is by and large a hassle-free place to settle without a worry with plenty of conveniences and lifestyle amenities available at an affordable budget. It is easier to own Luxury pool villas in Phuket with great sea view villa in a prime location at popular island destinations in Thailand for much a lesser price than in a similar property at another popular destination such as Singapore or Maldives.

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