SKHAI’s Full Rental Management Services


Aug 4, 2021

Would you like a completely stress-free property investment that pays well? How about you invest and we do the rest for you? It is a known fact that most investors usually do not reside at the property they invest in. At SKHAI we want our clients to invest, earn, and lie back and enjoy the returns of their private pool villas Thailand property investment minus the strain. We take off your stress of taking care of all those vital extra efforts that go into managing a property and generating consistent rental income from it with our dexterous Rental Services.

Our full rental management services ensure that right from finding tenants to maintaining a regular inflow of rent collection, to the property’s regular maintenance, every small detail is taken care of in the absence of the owner as listed below:

Property Listing

We ensure that your property gets the best occupancy rate by listing your home on the most popular booking sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, Expedia, and TripAdvisor, so that we are able to reach hundreds of millions of vacationers.


Hotel-grade housekeeping services are offered to keep your property impeccably spotless and polished in your absence and also keep it running smoothly for the tenants who occupy it. We provide the comfort of a home combined with warm hospitality across Thailand. Our team of experienced hospitality specialists handle all elements of your property’s day-to-day management, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Property Upkeep

Yearly upkeep of the property is done to ensure that all the wear and tear it might go through with time is addressed. Your property needs to be consistently well-maintained to attract potential tenants and a good resale value if you plan to sell it in the future.

Guest Hosting

From the time the tenant checks-in to the time he checks-out of the property, our guest-hosting service provides complete assistance to the tenant on behalf of the landlord to make his stay comfortable. We offer comprehensive and personalized services such as tailored stays, in person meet and greet, dedicated reservation agents, 24/7 guest service, professional and consistent cleaning. Our team ensures that the guest gets a guided tour of the property when they first arrive and are also available for any kind of assistance that the guest might need during their stay. Over and above this we also offer transportation and laundry services if required at an additional cost.

Frequent Updates

We understand your need to know what’s happening with your property in your absence. With Frequent Updates we regularly update the landlord about what’s happening on their property. Information such as who is visiting their property or who is it being rented out to and more is shared with the landlord to keep him updated on the activities involving his property.


At SKHAI we are hugely customer-focussed and we understand that our client will not essentially reside at their property. Thus we want to make it extremely stress-free for them by offering these value-added rental services. Invest with SKHAI to avail the best properties and our specialized services for a gainful and hassle-free property investment journey. If you are interested in buying a property in Phuket pool villa investment opportunities or Pool villa property investment Koh Samui, connect with our team at SKHAI to learn about our exciting deals on spectacular properties.