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Why is SKHAI the Best Developer for Thailand Property Investment?


May 3, 2021

Buying a property in Thailand is probably one of the best property investment decisions you’ve taken so far. But to get the best deal and make the most out of the investment it is vital that you invest with a skilled and competent developer who can help you garner maximum returns on your investment and at the same time offers you a choice of excellent properties that are situated in great locations.

The team at SKHAI is one of the best and most experienced developers who can help you make the most lucrative property investment at prime locations. We promise to offer you marvelous residences that assure short-term rental as well as long-term capital value.

Our impeccable services, far-sighted strategies, and premium products are designed to provide you with fantastic investment deals which are unmatched and far more superior than the rest. Some of the best reasons for investing with SKHAI are elaborated below:

Lucrative Off-Plan Properties

We offer Off-Plan property investment opportunities during pre-construction or completion stages at affordable and competitive pricing that assure high rental returns. This in turn results in high capital gains in the long run. The biggest advantage of property investment in an Off-Plan property is that it comes with an attractive payment structure that is usually quite low and flexible.  

Best Locations

We understand that the location of a property is unchangeable after purchase, therefore we dedicate all our expertise to obtaining the best locations that appeal to our owners and guests. Breathtakingly stunning sea views, as well as easy accessibility to popular beaches, entertainment options, and lifestyle conveniences that you can expect from most of our projects.

High-Quality Materials, Excellence in Design, and Timeliness

Our high-quality construction materials speak for themselves in the long run with their durable performance. We favor excellence over mediocrity and therefore use international grade materials along with employing a skilled construction workforce to build you a sturdy residence that will meet all construction and rental regulations.

Our designs are contemporary with the best of modern amenities included in them. Our team strategizes structural design and use of square footage in ways that make your holiday home popular amongst renters. We deliver precious experiences to renters and owners such as waking up to magnificent sea views, enjoying leisurely breakfasts by the private pool, and having unforgettable get-togethers in sizable spaces.

Our rigid construction timeline has adhered through all stages of construction so that we deliver the project at the soonest so that your rental income generation starts at the earliest possible date. We provide construction reports with weekly milestones to the owners to maintain complete transparency.

Excellent Rental Management Services

After the property investment is done, not many investors are in a position to manage to rent out and maintain the property if they live at a distance. With SKHAI’s expert Rental Management Services you don’t need to be around as we assure good and consistent rental yield to our investors as well as proper upkeep of their property. 

Our rental management program offer services such as expert pricing, property listing, reservations management, guest-hosting, and hotel-grade housekeeping to ensure consistent income without any effort on your part in achieving it. Because you cannot be there—we will be. Be rest assured that every small detail of your property will be taken care of.

Our Rental Management Program comprises of detailed services such as:

Guest Hosting Services

From the time the tenant checks-in to the time he checks-out of the property, our guest-hosting service provides complete assistance to the tenant on behalf of you, the landlord, to make his stay comfortable.

Property Maintenance Services

Your property needs to be consistently well-maintained to attract potential tenants. It is also important to address all the wear and tear it might go through with time. If the property is not maintained well over a period of time, it wouldn’t fetch a good resale value if you plan to sell it in the future.

Our Property Maintenance Service is designed to help you with the regular housekeeping within the property to maintain it spotlessly in your absence and also keep it running smoothly for the tenants who occupy it.

Property Marketing

This involves exclusive marketing of your rental property. We market your property extensively across our large database of rental agencies and travel agents to ensure that it attracts potential tenants all year through.

Frequent Updates

We provide frequent updates to the landlord about what’s happening on their property. Information such as who is visiting their property or who is it being rented out to and more is shared with the landlord to keep him updated on the activities involving his property.


In the future whenever you decide to resell your property, full assistance is provided by SKHAI in pitching it to potential buyers. As experienced local developers have a huge database of relevant contacts and potential buyers who might be interested in purchasing your property, and we can easily connect you with prospective buyers and help you with the required steps to close the process as per the existing laws.

In Conclusion

Summing it up, your search for a skilled and experienced developer ends at SKHAI. When you decide to invest with SKHAI you place the responsibility of milking out the best returns from your property investment in our able hands. We will not only fulfill your aspiration of a dream home to your satisfaction but also guarantee that it turns out to be a highly profitable investment.