8 Amazing Places to Enjoy Desserts in Samui

Samui Lifestyle

Dec 27, 2021

Whipping up a variety of world-cuisine, Samui will not let you down on those days when you wish to indulge your sweet tooth. From quaint French cafes serving the most decadent pastries, delicious vegan desserts, to places offering a more authentic Thai dessert experience, Koh Samui has a plethora of choices to indulge your sweet cravings with.

Let’s look at a list of the best dessert places that we have curated for you in Samui:

1. Magnolia Café for Homemade Cakes and Pies

Located in Bophut, Magnolia Café is a must-visit to enjoy delicious homemade cakes and pies. They have a variety of cakes, from their almond cake, chocolate pie, to their fabulous coconut cheesecake, each of them is sinfully incredible. Pair them with a steaming cup of aromatic brewed tea, or a frothy latte. The European feel in the interiors gives the ambiance a warm and inviting touch.

2. Le Salon de TI for Fancy Afternoon tea

If you’re looking for an exquisite experience to enjoy your dessert, book for an afternoon tea at Le Salon de Ti. Exuding old-world charm with its silky drapes, ornate chandeliers, and richly decorated furniture, this plush café is located at the Zazen Boutique in Bophut. Be prepared to be impressed by a range of over 20 quality Dilmah teas and a great spread of desserts and pastries. Their out-of-the-world macaroons, fruit tarts, and lemon and raisin scones are best savored with one of their unique tea-based cocktails.

3.Belka Cafe

If you are a Tiramisu fan, head over to Belka’s Café at Maret. Their jar version of Tiramisu is light and deliciously flavorful beyond imagination! Dark chocolate brownie is another indulgence that you could try here. Among cheesecake, their Mango Cheesecake and Lime and Coconut Cheesecake are lightly tangy and splendidly rich. Pair them with some blueberry slush, latte, or lemonade.

4. Sweet Sisters Cafe

For mindful eaters who prefer organic food, Sweet Sisters Café on Baan Bang Kao Road is just the right place to discover gluten-free and dairy-free treats. Among their unique bread and pastries made from organic ingredients, they also have a range of homemade cookies, brownies, and parfait. But the best item they serve is their carrot cake which is just the right balance of sweet and spice and is adequately chunky. They also offer organic local fruits such as passion fruit, mangoes, papaya, and some wonderful salads.

5. Cream Cafe

If you are an ice cream fan Cream Café at Bophut will tempt you with their selection of delightful ice creams and frappes. They also sell an array of French-style macarons in different flavors and colors that make nice gifts. A garden café to relax with your kids and family, the Cream Café also serves some truly marvelous coffee and smoothies. Their red velvet cake is considered the best in Samui and also worth trying are the rich and yummy cheesecakes on offer.

6. Air Bar

Desserts are best relished in a romantic setting. For an exotic ambiance that comes with treacherously superb desserts, give the Air Bar a try. This is the place to go to if you are looking for a beautiful sundown evening facing a gorgeous view. Whipping up the most decadent lemon meringue tart, and fantastic cheesecakes that come with a macadamia peanut crust, expect to be pampered by a range of exquisite cocktails at the well-stocked bar.

7. La Fabrique

Samui has some exquisitely fine French bakeries. La Fabrique at Maret is one of the most charming of them all if you wish to try out some delectable croissants or cakes. Their generous portions will leave you satisfied and so will the friendly and casual atmosphere of the café. While they serve an array of fine items such as cakes, waffles, tiramisu, blueberry cheesecake, their chocolatey offering in the form of Sacher is heavenly! This place is best visited in the mornings as they are known for their impressive breakfast menu. While you’re there for breakfast try out their healthy yogurt harvest crunch.

8. Lolamui Café

Nestled on a lush hillside, the Lolamui Café on Lamai is an absolute must-visit dessert shop if you adore cakes. The café features a series of charming wooden houses and an old vintage train car, set in an expansive garden. It can be a challenge to pick from their extensive range of cakes. From beer cake, chocolate berry cheesecake to the tempting Horlicks marble cake, the choices are enormous. But the most popular of all their cakes is the much-coveted coconut cake that flies off the shelf real fast. Light and creamy, this fragrant delicacy is simply unbelievable! If you are not much of a cake person, you could try their chocolate lava or their pumpkin custard. Their banoffee pie is one of the best in Samui, with a crushed crispy biscuit base, sweet aromatic bananas served with caramel sauce, and a huge dollop of whipped cream sprinkled with coffee powder.

While you’re in Lamai, don’t forget to try the luscious Lamai Fresh Coconut Ice cream from a van parked at Lad Koh Viewpoint that you might spot if you’re lucky that day. 

Final Thoughts

Koh Samui is a platter full of sweet surprises. Many visitors are impressed by the endless choices this breathtaking island offers. Be it the finest dining options, including desserts, great entertainment options, to the brilliant amenities that make up for an enhanced and entertaining lifestyle. So much so that they end up making Samui their permanent home by going for a pool villa property investment Koh Samui.

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