Benefits of buying an off-plan property

Property Investment

Dec 29, 2022

The real market estate in Thailand during the last decade has been booming, and more so after the lull caused by the pandemic which was followed by a glorious revival of the market. The scenic luxury beach villas in Thailand attract a large number of tourists from across the globe, creating a huge demand for property investment.

Although there are a plethora of deals and services available in the property market, one great property investment is that of buying an Off-Plan property that offers great flexibility to the owners while generating attractive returns.

An Off-Plan property is a residential property that you buy based on seeing the plans of the property when it is still in its pre-construction phase or early on in its construction phase.

There are several benefits of making a property investment in an Off-Plan property. Let’s look at some of the main ones:

Discounted Price

The biggest advantage of property investment in an Off-Plan property is that you are buying it at a discounted rate that is substantially below market value.

Higher Capital Gain

A discounted price of the property assures you of higher capital gains in the long run. As per current trends, it is observed that the difference between the off-plan price and the prices of completed projects can be anywhere between 30-35%.

Many developers happen to need the money that is raised from selling Off-Plan properties to fund the construction. This puts you in a better position for negotiating a good bargain.

Higher Rental Yield

A lot of investors go for Off-Plan properties in Thailand with the intention of renting them out annually by collecting rental fees. This allows them to make a high margin yield on their investment due to the low price at which they purchased the property during the Off-Plan promotion.

Payment Plans

The payment plans for Off-Plan properties give you the edge of securing a high-value property investment for a low initial deposit with affordable phased-out payments, planned according to the progress of the construction.

Early Investor Incentives


As an early investor who is making the property investment before the completion, you’re at the advantage of choosing the best plot or unit early on, instead of having to select from the leftovers afterward.

Property Personalization

Investing in the property at the initial stages also gives you the opportunity to customize your property as per your personal needs. Structural changes like a bigger pool in private pool villas in Thailand or an additional bedroom as per your individual requirements are possible at this stage since the construction is yet to happen or is in progress.

Some developers even offer separate incentives on the early purchase like upgraded design features or furniture packages.

In Conclusion

Property investment in an Off-Plan property is definitely one of the best ways to maximize the (ROI) Return on Investment potential. It also is a comfortable means of investment during uncertain times like the pandemic as the payments are phased out. All you need to do is follow due diligence and buy the property from a trusted developer like SKHAI.

The reliable and experienced team at SKHAI will not only help you strike a lucrative deal from some of the best projects of exclusive pool villas in Thailand in popular investment locations such as Phuket and Koh Samui, but they will also assist you in the post-sale maintenance of the property ensuring that you get continued returns from your property investment.