7 Features of a Profitable Rental Property

Property Investment

Apr 5, 2024

Not all real estate investments are perfect rental properties. Although, a real estate investment is the best way to make money you need to make sure that you pick the perfect property such as exclusive pool villas in Thailand that have the right features for the best property investment that generates good rental income. A lot of factors such as the property’s location, ease of connectivity, availability of everyday conveniences in the surroundings, and the attractive features of the property decide whether it can be a profitable rental property. Careful scrutiny of all these details ensures that you make a smart buying decision that pays off in the long run in the form of a great rental yield. 

Here are a few important features that you must consider while investing in rental property investment to help you land a brilliant and lucrative deal:

1. Location and Connectivity

You change anything about a property except for its location. The property needs to be in a prime location where there is great growth potential. And if it is a beach destination that you’re looking at investing in, it has to be close to the beach, and have a wonderful sea view. Easy access to adequate amenities like shopping malls, schools, gyms, medical facilities, and restaurants within easy reach is of prime importance to the tenants. The exclusive pool villas in Thailand provided by SKHAI are within close distance to a range of shopping and entertainment options, as well as essential services.

2. Sea, Mountain, or Valley View

A spectacular sea, mountain, or valley view from the property is a must-have if you are investing in a popular tourist destination that has such natural beauty. Prospective tenants at these destinations are easily lured to a property if it opens up to gorgeous views of the ocean, mountains, or valleys. A property’s proximity to the beach or mountains and its marvelous views are a great selling point and make it a high-demand property, commanding consistent and high rental income.

SKHAI specializes in developing superb private pool villas in Thailand at the choicest scenic locations with the most stunning sea, mountain, or valley views.

3. Enticing Features

Appealing features within the property such as a private pool with a large deck to rejuvenate or entertain on can be highly irresistible for potential tenants. And so are modern designing and sophisticated interiors executed with fine craftsmanship. These are the kind of features that are highly inviting to the tenants making it easy to rent them out.

4. Attractive Price Point

Buying a property at an attractive price point contributes greatly to generating a good rental yield from the property. The lower the price of the property, the more will be the rental income generated from it, as purchasing it at a lower price will allow you to rent it out at a lower rent amount which in turn will make it more attractive for renters.

SKHAI offers some of the best deals on properties at outstanding beach locations, with amazing sea views and luxurious features such as a private pool. All this at a price that is unmatched and is incredibly lucrative with the scope of the high rental income it promises.

5. Natural Disasters Proof

One of the most important things that you need to check while selecting a beach property for investment is that it is tsunami-proof. Natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, or more are unpredictable and can break havoc on their surroundings. One wouldn’t want to lose their investment to such unpredictable damage. Although you really can’t assure that a place will be completely immune to destruction from natural calamities, a little diligence in selecting the location helps.

6. Security and Concierge Services

One of the most important features of profitable rental property investment is that it is situated in a safe neighborhood. A property that offers stringent security is absolutely necessary. Amenities such as proper street lighting, 24 hours security, and surveillance cameras can be quite assuring to the tenant. Additional conveniences such as the availability of concierge services are definitely plus points that the tenant considers before he decides to occupy your property.

The real estate investment properties that SKHAI offers are equipped with 24 hours security with guards and CCTV cameras for heightened protection as well as concierge services for the convenience of its guests.

7. Rental Management Program

A good rental management program assures them of good rental yield as well as proper upkeep of the property. The program ensures that right from finding tenants to maintaining a regular inflow of rent collection, every small detail is taken care of to the property's regular maintenance.

SKHAI’s comprehensive Rental Management Program comprises detailed services such as guest hosting, property maintenance, frequent updates of what’s happening to their property to the owners in their absence ensuring that their property is maintained and rented out smoothly.

In Conclusion

A superb location close to the beach with fabulous sea views, that is well-connected and surrounded by essential amenities, with exclusive features at an attractive price point and rent management services are undoubtedly essential for a lucrative rental property at a beach destination. If you expect that your property investment offers guaranteed rental income, consistently and attractively, these requisites are non-negotiable and will assure that you make a smart rental property investment.

If you want to invest in pool villas in Thailand that are highly rewarding, connect with our team to learn about exclusive deals on spectacular properties in Phuket and Koh Samui.