Life on Phuket Island during Covid-19

Phuket Lifestyle

Jun 15, 2021

Phuket has been the hub of millions of overseas visitors for decades now. The beautiful island with its mesmerizing beaches, verdant greenery, lots to do on the islands that surround it, and quality lifestyle has lots to offer as compared to any other destination across the world. It is no wonder that many people from across the globe have decided to make Phuket their home by investing in luxury pool villas in Phuket.

Impact of Covid-19 on Phuket

Since early 2020 we have witnessed one of the biggest challenges globally with the onslaught of the Covid-19. The island is known to buzz with international DJs entertaining throughout the nights, fantastic sporting events, and a plethora of world-class hospitality options on offer. The negative impact of the pandemic has shown its effects on this popular island as well. However, the lockdown in Phuket has not been as tough or extended as in some of the other places in the world, especially Europe.

While many Thai workers had to leave their jobs in hospitality and move back to their hometowns other parts of rural Thailand, some of them have been smart and enterprising to have opened up coffee shops and small cafes to cater to the market that comprises increased outflow of people headed back home. Many expats decided to go back to their homelands but a large many chose to stay back and enjoy the joys of seaside living.

Positives of the Lockdown in Phuket

As Phuket saw fewer people living in it and international tourism dropping, there have been some phenomenally positive impacts on the island. This moment of quietude and isolation gave mother nature to recoup and rejuvenate. The sea is cleaner with crystal clear waters. The air is fresh and clean with less traffic. The water bodies are full of freshwater. With the decreased population there’s a lot more seafood to feed people on the island as compared to the past.

Bars, Beach Clubs, and Restaurants

Currently, the popular Kata, Karon, and Patong hotspots are eerily quiet due to restriction of Covid-19 but there are other areas that are booming. New restaurants and bars have opened up in Phuket Old Town. The young creative Thais have infused some quirkiness and charm to these new places to offer something unique. Some of the new restaurants are Anise Tapas, Maison Napoleon, Daily Dose, and Mrs B Table & Bar.  A few of the existing restaurants such as the popular Boccocino Italian restaurant have moved from the now isolated areas to Boat Avenue.

It is relatively quieter on Bang Tao Beach, but the all-time favorites such as Catch Beach Club are still open, catering to the locals and domestic tourists. Some of the bars and restaurants have used this time productively to give themselves a makeover, reinventing their menus with a fresh perspective, and coming up with delicious results!


The surrounding islands are hosting local tourists at small hotels and rental accommodations. With the absence of crowds, the pristine beaches are truly breathtaking! Some great deals are being offered by Andaman Cruises for people who wish to indulge in scuba diving, diving at some amazing dive sites with the minimum intrusion of other divers, and enjoying a quiet trip around Phang Nga Bay. The freshwaters are inviting enough to enjoy a refreshing swim. And best still, is the snorkeling experience to discover the rich underwater marine life that has thrived as a result of the isolation.

The rainforest in Khao Sok is worth visiting with quieter roads and so it’s the Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary, to enjoy feeding some elephants and supporting them during these troubled times.

In Conclusion

Some bars and restaurants remain closed until things return to normal in Thailand to be on the safe side. It is worth noting that though currently, Thailand has relatively fewer cases of Covid-19, wearing face masks, sanitizing hands, social distancing practices are highly encouraged in busier places such as shopping malls and public transport.

Despite all the turbulence and uncertainty of the current times, the island remains a highly desired and chosen destination to live and visit with unmatched and healthy quality of life by the sea making it a great place for investing in affordable pool villas in Phuket. If you’re looking for Phuket pool villa investment opportunities contact SKHAI for lucrative deals on some of the most exotic beachside properties on the island.