6 benefits of living by the sea

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Jun 1, 2021

Does living by the sea sound like a dream come true to you? Living by the sea is not only fun but it can be great for your mental and physical well-being. Besides the exotic lifestyle, it can offer solace from the high pressures of the fast-paced and crowded environment of major cities with an enhanced quality of life. Studies have established that staring at the sea can actually change the frequency of your brainwaves and a coastal lifestyle is a lot healthier than of those who live inland. Private pool villas in Thailand close to the sea at beach destinations such as Phuket and Koh Samui offer all of that.

So how exactly is living close to the sea beneficial? Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons.

1. Soothing Environment

Your environment greatly affects your overall well-being. The laidback lifestyle close to the sea is excellent for reducing stress while improving your vitality and well-being. A simple act of waking up to the wondrous sight of gently lapping waves can work wonders on your stress levels.

Air exposed to water, especially seawater, is bursting with a good number of negative ions that help your body absorb oxygen and also work wonders on your lungs. Fresh air is helpful in improving alertness and balance levels of serotonin that is closely related to mood and stress.

Our latest project is situated in the most pristine seaside location offering precious tranquillity and fresh air.

2. Ocean’s Healing Abilities

Did you know that the ocean can heal you of many ailments? For ages now, the salt water of the ocean has been revered for its ability to heal wounds and improve health. Have you ever noticed a nick or a cut healing faster than usual after dipping it in the ocean? Such is the miraculous healing qualities of the ocean. A short walk to the beach for a daily swim or even a dip in the sea can improve your physical and mental health, recharging you with vitality and renewed energy every single time. 

3. Increased Outdoor Activity and Soaring Energy Levels

When you live close to the sea, it is simply impossible to resist being outdoors to enjoy the beautiful expanse of the coast. It also is easier to partake in a plethora of outdoor activities such as jet-skiing, kite-surfing, free-diving, or simply going on a jog or leisurely walk along the shore. Not only are these activities entertaining but they also improve your physical fitness and energy levels.

4. Better Sleep

Listening to the sound of water is undoubtedly a great way to induce sleep. There are plenty of audio and video tools that play sounds of the sea in the background to help you sleep. When you live by the sea you get to sleep to the lullaby of real rolling waves which can relax the mind and body unlike anything else, allowing deeper sleep. Good sleep equals greater rest and better rejuvenation every morning. 

5. Greater Happiness

The brain is said to enter a meditative state when we are exposed to water. This state of mind is called the ‘Blue Mind.’ Science has established that looking at and enjoying water results in the brain being flooded with dopamine or feel-good hormones. Generally speaking, people exposed to water are usually more relaxed and happier.

6. Longer Life

Living by the water and making the most of the great outdoors can actually add days to your life with the health benefits it comes with. Even a moderate amount of leisure time and light physical activity like strolling along the beach can increase life expectancy.

Needless to say, buying one of the exclusive pool villas in Thailand close to the sea could be one of the healthiest decisions that you could have taken for yourself. The fresh air, water, bright sun, and the general feel-good vibes are all the therapy you need to lead a good life.

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