Property Investment in Thailand during Pandemic

Property Investment

May 3, 2021

Like nearly every other country in the world, Thailand’s economy has suffered seriously due to the COVID19 pandemic since March 2020 due to the lockdown measures implemented to control the spread of the pandemic. However, there are notable property investment opportunities in Thailand even during the COVID19 pandemic.

The pandemic has, ironically, led to the emergence of some highly discounted real estate investment opportunities especially on Thailand pool villa property for sale. This article aims to provide some of the most profitable investment on private pool villas in Thailand during the COVID19 pandemic for you to consider.

Incentives from Developers

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Thailand's overall economy which depends much on exports and tourism. That said, even adverse situations can provide some unique opportunities for the future.

During March and April 2020, most of the market was badly affected by the pandemic as customers preferred to wait and see how the situation would progress. To regain their footing, developers responded strongly by using this dreadful situation to their advantage by doing away with excess stock. As a result, an excellent range of discounts was made available that benefited many buyers and the sale of projects with luxury beach villas in Thailand achieved superior momentum compared to the pre-COVID19 period.

Interest from International Buyers

Many foreigners were quick to note that Thailand was among the countries relatively less affected by COVID19. Thus, there was an especially big demand for high-end real estate investment especially for exclusive pool villas in Thailand with a large number of inquiries coming from Asia, Europe, and the United States of America.

Government Relief

The Thai government introduced several notable initiatives to support the Thai economy and affected industries that suffered during the pandemic.

For example, Thailand’s Ministry of Finance implemented a number of short and medium-term tax relief measures to support corporate and individual entities in Thailand. The filing of tax returns and payments of certain taxes has been deferred for a certain amount of time. This has been done to also encourage investment and improve global competitiveness. Property buyers can receive a significant amount of relief from taxation at this time. It can help them develop a solid foundation to build a profitable venture for the future.

Unique Selling Ideas

The unique measures adopted by some firms have also contributed to property investment opportunities in Thailand during the pandemic such as the executives at Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok who used 3D walkthroughs and video presentations to promote the sales of luxurious condos in a very innovative manner.

Reaping Benefits of Off-Plan Properties

Similarly, units in several freshly finished projects had been sold off-plan a few years ago. They have now turned up in the market, offering excellent value. Many of them are a result of Chinese buyers withdrawing from deals because of their disappointment with investments in China.

Developers have been regularly selling at pre-launch prices to get their stock moving. Thus, such real estate investment projects have been consistently offering quality value.

In Conclusion

The Thai government is slowly relaxing the restrictions implemented to control the health risks associated with the novel coronavirus as well. As a result, buyers who wish to make property investments for a relatively lower price during the pandemic will enjoy higher capital gains and rental income in the future. It is a classic case of turning adversity into opportunity and indeed a valid reason to consider property investment opportunities in Thailand during the COVID19 pandemic.

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