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Welcome to the Future of Real Estate Investing

Property Investment

Sep 29, 2021

For decades now, people have been investing in the real estate market to reap the rewards of the incredible returns it offers. It is a great way of generating attractive rental income. Traditionally, property buyers would normally hold on to their property for a period of 20 to 30 years and then derive a decent capital appreciation from it.

However, the real estate market has seen a lot of change over the years. The current market is much more competitive and promising with several real estate developers offering a variety of exciting solutions and offers that make real estate investment so much more lucrative.

Some of the latest groundbreaking trends and offers available to real estate investors now are:

Guaranteed Rental Returns

Nowadays many real estate developers offer guaranteed rental returns on the property that you buy from them. Guaranteed Rental Return is a one of its kind offer where owners buy a property from developers and are assured a passive income in the form of monthly rentals for a said period of time. This ensures that you will be receiving a consistent and fixed cash flow and a reasonable level of liquidity during that duration and minimizes the risks tht come with making good returns as it is being controlled by the expert management of a seasoned developer.

SKHAI’s latest project, the Kimalhai Investment Villas, a sea view private pool villa in Phuket, is an excellent investment product that offers you the security of Guaranteed Rental Returns. Our Guaranteed Rental Returns offer is an attractive limited-time offer that provides you with a fixed annual rental revenue of 15% of guaranteed rental income spread out over three years.

To ensure you with utmost security the amount for the guaranteed rental income will be held in an escrow account in advance. It will be sent to you before the beginning of the rental term, as 4 % sent before the first year, 5% sent before the second year, and 6% sent before the third year respectively adding up to 15% at the end of three years.

Rental Management Services

Traditionally when people used to buy a property they were left to their own devices of finding tenants and renting out their property. However, these days many developers have their own rental management services which do not even require the owner to be present at the location of the property. The developers manage everything for the owners in their absence to ensure that their property is well-maintained and generates consistent rental income.

At SKHAI we offer expert Rental Management Services on your property which ensures that you have a hassle-free investment along with consistent rental income. We take care of the property for you making sure that it is maintained well. We market your property on renowned websites such as Airbnb and Booking.com to attract potential renters. We also host it for you providing you with frequent updates on what’s happening with your property. We manage all this to make sure that you receive great capital gains from your property without you having to do anything.

Easy-Sell Option

Back in time when you invested in a property, you had to wait for a long duration of time for the property to appreciate so that you could resell it to receive good capital gains. But today, some developers give you the option of reselling your property merely after 2-3 years when you would have recovered over 100% of your investment.

We at SKHAI provide this excellent opportunity of reselling your property at half the commission of local agencies. This ensures that we not only provide you with attractive short-term gains but also easy long-term capital appreciation on your investment.

In Conclusion

These pathbreaking offers and solutions set a definitive tone for a revolution sweeping over the future of the real estate market. Gone are the days, when real estate investors had to worry about every minute management detail of their property or the returns it would generate. Today, with a host of privileged offers and expert services that developers are providing to the customer, the investors can simply invest and leave the rest to the developer.

If you are interested in property investment in Phuket, contact our team at SKHAI to avail yourself of the most lucrative offers and advanced services on some of the most spectacular beach properties in Thailand.