Remote working culture attracts several expats to Thailand

Property Investment

Jan 26, 2023

The last few years have disrupted workplace policies. With the impact of lockdowns, there has been an introduction of flexibility in location and job scope as well. Thailand has seen a major influx of incoming remote working expats owing to this trend who have shown interest in investing in luxury beach villas in Thailand. A whole new generation of workforce that operates remotely has made the most out of Thailand’s new visa program that kickstarted more than a year ago.

The country hopes to boost its economy with this new immigration route, welcoming foreign workers to live and work in Thailand. A target is set of attracting over one million foreigners over the next 5 years.

Famous resort locations in Thailand have been hot destinations that these remote workers have chosen. Villa lifestyles in these exotic and tranquil areas have been in great demand. Thailand pool villa property for sale which have attractive deal and prices around this time have also lured many. The prospect of living amidst natural beauty with lots of fresh air, and access to essential lifestyle conveniences such as international schools, healthcare, and attractive visa programs that offer long-stay options, such as the Thailand Elite, has led to a constant inflow of newcomers.

Phuket has been a popular choice with families due to its huge range of international schools such as UWC, HeadStart,  British International School, and many more. While Koh Samui, with its serene vibe, attracts majorly digital nomads and wellness enthusiasts to recoup in its tranquil surroundings. Due to the presence of a range of incredible wellness retreats on the island, Samui is highly popular as a wellness destination.

Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite long-stay visa program has gained maximum momentum with many options that are ideal for families and individuals. The relative ease of processing applications has also encouraged several expats to consider this option. 

Here are the key benefits of the  Thailand Elite visa:

-10-year validity which can be renewable
-Multi-entry permit
-Permission to work in Thailand
-17% personal tax rate for highly-skilled professionals
-Tax exemption for overseas income
-Spouses, and children of LTR holders to enjoy the same benefits with a maximum of 4 dependents per visa holder
-Exemption from 4 Thais-to-1 foreigner employment requirement ratio
-Fast-track service at international airports in Thailand
-Immigration and work permit services at the one-stop center

In Conclusion

The new visa offerings make Thailand an attractive place to work and buy a second home for global citizens. If you are considering relocating to Thailand, it is recommended that you first explore the options that suit your requirements and liking. From Phuket’s vibrant nightlife to Koh Samui’s tranquil beauty each destination has its unique characteristics that appeal to a large variety of people. Whether you’re interested in ocean view pool villas in Koh Samui or garden/valley-view luxury pool villas in Phuket, with a range of layouts to choose from, the options are numerous. Along with the features of the villa, also consider the quality of life the neighborhood offers and property appreciation in the area.

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