Buying Seaview vs beachfront villa in Thailand

Property Investment

Jun 30, 2023

Thailand’s tourism industry has been booming recently as popular island destinations with gorgeous sea views and verdant tropic vistas have lured many a holidaymaker and investors to show interest to either rent or Invest in sea view pool villas in Thailand.

There are two options when it comes to selecting the type of villa for investment: one being a villa facing a beachfront and the second option is a villa that is situated above sea level, on a hill, or cliff, offering panoramic sea views.

It can be a confusing ordeal to choose from such beautiful options as both kinds of villas have their advantages as well as disadvantages. However, ideally, a Seaview villa would be a wise option to go with. Let us explain why.

Beachfront Villas

The lure of being up close to the beach makes Beachfront villas a popular choice among many vacationers. The ability to walk out of the villa any time of the day to access the sun-kissed sands at a hop away from the villa and to dip their feet in the gently lapping waves that wash onto the shores is the reason why it seems to be such a popular choice for beach enthusiasts.

While you might find a number of properties that offer privacy due to their secluded location, these holiday homes might usually be situated away from the hustle-bustle of commercial centers that provide day-to-day amenities and entertainment options which can turn out to be inconvenient.

Seaview Villas

Seaview villas, although might not be by the beach but have many advantages in comparison to Beachfront villas. Here are some of the top benefits of a Seaview Villa:

-Seaview villas are surrounded by spectacular views of the turquoise sea and lush tropic vistas as they are generally nestled on a hilltop or a cliff along the coastline, giving access to some of the most striking views from the height.

-The biggest advantage of choosing a Seaview villa in Thailand is that it comes at attractive prices, that are lower than beachfront properties. 

-Unlike Beachfront villas that are usually located among thickly populated areas, these elevated mansions offer more privacy as they are surrounded by lush green open fields.

-Most importantly, a Seaview villa's high altitude location prevents any damage from potential natural disasters like tsunamis. A Beachfront villa is always at a greater threat of damage when such disastrous events occur. 

-Seaview villas are in demand for intimate wedding ceremonies and social functions as the picturesque location of these important events can become a highlight of their social media posts in the form of some great photographs.

- Seaview villas also offer exclusive facilities like a private pool where you can enjoy poolside barbecues, cocktails, and yoga classes that give them an edge above beachfront villas.

Final Thoughts

Seaview villas are not only more cost-effective than Beachfront villas, making them far easier to rent due to their affordability as well as the premium services they come with, but they are also much safer than Beachfront Villas. And not to forget, the panoramic views of exclusive pool villas in Thailand from the height are simply unmatched!

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