Benefits of Buying a Branded Residence

Property Investment

Jan 14, 2021

Branded residences are exclusive residences available for property investment managed by, and in collaboration with a reputed hotel brand. Combining the benefits of ownership with the high-end amenities and services of a hotel, these residences differ from regular condominiums and apartments. Some of these branded residences are exclusive pool villas in Thailand.

Some of the main advantages of property investment in branded residences are: 

Comforts of a Five-Star Hotel

While buying a house or condo for investment, it is worth noting that, unlike regular condominiums, branded residences provide owners a home with facilities and services such as those offered in five-star hotels. Exclusive services such as a concierge service, room service, valet, fitness centers, swimming pool, and various other comforts, not only enhance their lifestyles, facilitate their day-to-day activities smoothly, but also reflect their elevated status.

Prime Location and Excellent Build Quality

Branded residences are usually developed at prime locations with cutting-edge construction quality, interior design, technology, and architecture, which undoubtedly caters to every discerning homeowner’s aspirations.

Established Brand Image

As compared to an unbranded property, a real estate investment in branded residence instills a higher level of confidence among buyers, whether they purchase it for living in it themselves or to rent it out. With a well-known hotel brand associated with the residence, buyers know that they are going to get a superior quality of product and service. This automatically translates into higher capital gains and greater resale value.

Easily Rentable

A branded residence is also easy to rent out at a higher rental yield as the potential tenant understands that the property has high standards of service due to its association with a reputed brand or hotel.

In Conclusion

Looking at the various benefits of real estate investment in a branded residence it definitely is a distinct concept that many potential buyers are considering either with the intention of living there or making a lucrative property investment. After all, along with the prospect of owning a reputed property with exclusive amenities the return on investment is also huge.

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